The Adventure

Short and Sweet.

We go all the way from Austria to Australia by bike! Sounds impossible and pretty crazy at first. In fact it sure is. Two young guys out there in the wild, the big wide world. What can go wrong?

Hot deserts, pouring rain, gnawing hunger and wild animals: we are on our own out there. We sleep in our tent and cook over pitfire. Nature will be our biggest friend and foe, at the same time.


Blog & Photos

We want to give you insights on a regular basis while on the road. You can keep up with us here on the blog and on our social media channels. Come with us around the world.
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We are planning to shoot a feature documentary with Aichholzer Filmproduction. The company won the Oscar for The Counterfeiters (2007) for the best foreign language movie and keeps on producing successful TV- and cinema movies.

“But.. but that’s impossible!”

.. most of the time that’s the first thing we get to hear after we tell our friends about our plan. “You have no idea”, we then tell them, grinning broadly. We will travel to whole distance between Austria to Australia by bike, every single meter.

The adventure starts in Austria, obviously. We then pass through well known countries like Poland and Russia, as well as the mysterious Kyrgyzstan and Kazachstan, amongst many others. If everything goes as planned we will stand on the roof of the world, the Himalayas, too. From Singapore we’re heading to Australia by plane, where we will cross the continent from west to east to finally arrive in Brisbane.

“However, if somebody could pull it off
then it’s you.”

.. most of the time our friends would add then, their eyes wide open, still. After all, it’s not the first time we head out for an adventure. Two bike trips from Austria to Romania lay already behind us, each of them with its own exiting stories and unique moments.
Nonetheless, the past trips are peanuts compared to the upcoming adventure, both in distance and duration. This time we’re talking roughly about:






The guys behind.

Andreas Buciuman
from Austria

He was born 1993 in Wels (Austria) as the middle one of three siblings. Ever since he had to compete with others in order to be heard.


Everything began with trips to the hill behind the house. Soon enough, over time and with increasing age his adventures became more adventurous. Especially his two bike trips to Romania will never be forgotten: he had to sleep under a motorway brigde in Bratislava (Slovakia) because it was raining heavily. The next morning he met a bear in the dawn. As he reached Hungary the following day he produced eight flat tires.. in a single day!


Otherwise he just recently graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering.

Dominik Bochis
from Austria

Being the firstborn of the family he always liked to play the role of the "great protector". In kindergarden he had his own mini-crew of little rascals, including an obligatory hideout and a forbidden stack of sweets.


From time to time he enjoys wandering the forests with his self-proclaimed hero-friends, lighting campfires and telling scary stories. What started out as simple kids play seems to turn into a full-blown adventure. THE once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


In his day to day life he makes a living by humbly working for a big IT-company.


You the idea?
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