We’ve been flooded with questions about the trip ever since we published the website. Questions came in from Facebook, Whatsapp, Mail,.. Thank you! Because many of them are the same or similar we’d like to answer the top 10.

Questions & Answers

When do you start?
Without a doubt that’s the number 1 question. If everything goes according to our plannings we will start the tour somewhere around spring 2017. There are several reasons for that: first of all I, Andy, have to finish my studies. Secondly it must be spring because then we might have the most suitable climate throughout the tour. And last but not least we need waaaaaay more time for planning, anyway.

Where did you get the idea from?
We’d like to send you over to the Press-Page. There, below you can find some tabs. Please read the section “Prehistory to Austria2Australia”.

Will the trip really take place?
For sure, as far as we are concerned. Unfortunately the trip depends on external factors as well, factors we can’t really influence. Maybe we can’t find sponsors, for instance. A world war could break out. Things like that. However, we’re very optimistic.

Which route will you take?
Again, please refer to our Front-Page. Somewhere further down you’ll find an approximate route. However, we haven’t decided on the exact route yet. Future political situations have to be considered. We can’t predict them just now.

I have a company and want to support you!
Thank you! Please head over to the Sponsor-Page. There you will find some more information. Contact us as soon as possible. Via mail, via Facebook, whatever you prefer.

I have no company. Can I help, still?
Sure. Please head over to the Sponsor-Page, too. I think we’ll put a list out there with things that could come handy. Contact us as well.

Can I come, too?
Unfortunately not, we’re full.

This can’t work, there is water around Australia.
When we say we travel every single meter by bike then we of course mean that we DON’T travel every single meter by bike. We know there is an ocean somewhere out there. Obviously we can’t cross by bike. We’re positive we’ll find a ship which gives us a ride.

Can I link to your site?
Always. Feel free to link to our website, our Facebook Page and our Instagram account. Sharing is caring.